Month: September 2017

Can Fasting Help You Live Longer?

Do you fast? Maybe you should as fasting could lead to a longer life! Not long ago, I ran across an article with this headline: “Scientists say five-day fast-mimicking diet safe.” The line below it read: “The diet reduced biomarkers in participants for aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.” Well, […]

Top 10 Benefits of Going Vegan

I have been inching my way toward veganism for several years now. It is my intention to be vegan full-time, but I must confess that I still have meat from time to time. I stay mostly raw vegan until dinner by drinking smoothies and eating salads. I’m not going to […]

Can You Really Live Longer In A Blue Zone?

Most of you know my love for the book and website “Blue Zones.” I was first introduced to Dan Buettner and his work with Blue Zones by watching Oprah. I immediately went out and purchased his book by the same name. This was just another stepping stone in my journey […]