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Blue Zone Mama (aka Sherry A. Phillips)

Hi there! First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by.

My name is Sherry Phillips and some of you may know me from my author blog, Sherry A. Phillips.

You may be asking yourself, what does a suspense author know about longevity, health and wellness? For most of my life, I was fortunate in that I could eat whatever I wanted, exercise sporadically and maintain what I considered a healthy body. I was not. I discovered I had high blood pressure. You know what else I discovered? When we went on a fast at our church for Pascha (Orthodox Easter) that spring, I lost weight and you know what else? My blood pressure normalized. We had been eating a vegan diet for weeks and this was the result.

That was my first introduction to how what we are putting in our mouths can affect – good or bad – our health.

I tucked my new found knowledge for living a healthier life away and continued to go about my day to day living, though I was more mindful of what I was eating now. Then, one day a business acquaintance of my husband’s dropped dead from a heart attack on his way home to his wife and 4 very young children. I was stunned by the news. Not only was this man younger than me, but he was a very robust man and appeared to be in good health. I decided to get serious about getting into shape and eating better. I started running and eating more vegan foods.

About this same time, a man named Dan Buettner was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about something called Blue Zones. He talked about these Blue Zones and what we could do to live longer and better. From there, I started to do more research and found doctors like Andrew Weil and Dean Ornish. I started studying how all of the aspects of our lives lead to good or bad health. Health is a three-legged stool: spiritual, emotional and physical.  It’s not enough to just eat the right foods, you must approach your health from all angles.

The more I learned, the more intrigued I became until I finally decided to get a degree in naturopathy. I am studying through Trinity School of Natural Health and so far I have my Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and in a few months, I hope to have my Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree.

I decided to start this blog to help you. I want you to know what I know, so that you can assimilate the information into your own life. By doing so, I hope you will experience a longer, healthier and happier life.

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