Is Congeniality The Key To A Longer Life?

Is congeniality the key to a longer life? Over the weekend I was getting notes together for my dissertation on Longevity. I have thought about putting together a class as a webinar sometime down the road. I have been independently studying longevity secrets for the past several years. I closely […]

How Positive Thinking Makes You Healthier

Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a half-full kind of girl. I tend to look for the positive in every situation. I’ve often wondered how much of this type of thinking is genetic and how much is learned behavior. Regardless, your outlook on life, […]

10 Quick Tips To Help You Stay Positive

Everyone gets down sometimes. Yes, even me! When those inevitable times happen, you need to do a manual reset and get back on track. No one can do that for you. It is something each individual had to do for themselves. Now, I’m not talking about those who are struggling […]

What Are Antioxidants and Why Are They Important

Antioxidants here … Antioxidants there … Antioxidants everywhere! Have you ever wondered, “What are antioxidants and why am I supposed to be getting on that train?” I did. I kept hearing that this or that product was loaded in antioxidants. You should be juicing and eating certain fruits and vegetables […]

Walk Your Way To Better Health

Wouldn’t you like to walk your way to your best body ever? Would you like to get healthier at the same time? You can! Research shows that walking regularly can strengthen your bones, tone your muscles, and trim your waist, and it may reduce your risk of some cancers and […]

Can Your Body Heal Itself?

Is there scientific evidence we can heal ourselves? Some call it the “Placebo Effect” others call it faith healing or positive thinking. Many people dismiss this effect because they believe science is everything. But what if a scientist believes in this effect? There are scientists who believe you can heal […]

Can Fasting Help You Live Longer?

Do you fast? Maybe you should as fasting could lead to a longer life! Not long ago, I ran across an article with this headline: “Scientists say five-day fast-mimicking diet safe.” The line below it read: “The diet reduced biomarkers in participants for aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.” Well, […]

Top 10 Benefits of Going Vegan

I have been inching my way toward veganism for several years now. It is my intention to be vegan full-time, but I must confess that I still have meat from time to time. I stay mostly raw vegan until dinner by drinking smoothies and eating salads. I’m not going to […]

Can You Really Live Longer In A Blue Zone?

Most of you know my love for the book and website “Blue Zones.” I was first introduced to Dan Buettner and his work with Blue Zones by watching Oprah. I immediately went out and purchased his book by the same name. This was just another stepping stone in my journey […]